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I am an 18-year-old photographer, pursuing my degree. Right now I am selling my photos online through my eBay Store,

Photo Art by StacyJMT and My Paws.

As stacyJMT, I take pictures of many subjects, especially landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes. I also like abstract photography.

"My Paws" is the section of my store devoted to my animal photography. I particularly like to take photos of my cats, who love the attention.

I sell my photo art in different sizes, like 8x10", 4x6", and 5x7". But I also make limited edition prints in the popular, collectible size of ACEOs (Artist's Cards Editions and Originals), which are 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, the size of baseball and trading cards. ACEOs are great to collect! It makes it easy to afford Limited Edition Photo Prints and original artwork! You can check out ACEOs on eBay here.

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What's Popular in My ACEOs

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This link will take you to an album of my non-ACEO prints. There are many subjects and styles to browse through, in different sizes.

Many of these prints are available for sale in my store, or can be also be made available by request, unless a limited edition is sold out.

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You can step through this link to my main Photo Art Website. There are many other features to explore, plus some more details about me. (If there aren't, there will be. They just haven't gotten up there yet.)

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Me About StacyJMT
Stacy J-M Taylor is a talented 18-year old photographer whose creative thinking and natural eye for composition result in many beautiful and innovative photo images. With a particular interest in the landscape, sea, and sky, Stacy also experiments with abstract photography, capturing abstract images without the use of digital editing. She also utilizes digital art, particularly in her ACEOs. Her love for her pets and all animals shows in her animal photography, with a focus on her cats.

Stacy has overcome chronic carbon monoxide poisoning; and though she still struggles with the physical side effects, she continues her photography studies, in pursuit of her degree. Her future goals include becoming a helicopter pilot. Stacy is a devout Christian, and resides on the Central Coast of California, where she finds much inspiration for her photos.

About Editions:

“Limited Editions” are restricted to a certain number of prints. After that amount is reached, no further prints will be made.
“Open Edition” prints will not be limited in number, and I may reprint them several times.
Prints that carry my signature are increased in value.

ACEO Listings on eBay

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About ACEOs, SFA, and OSWOAs
SFA is Small Format Art, anything that is less than fourteen inches on any side.
ACEOs are Art Cards Editions and Originals. These highly collectible pieces of original art are 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, the size of trading cards. Like trading cards, they can be collected in albums or framed like photographs.
OSWOA™ means Original Small Work of Art. At 6x4, they are the size of a postcard and are highly collectible.

I belong to the Ebay Groups: ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts, CaaT - Contemporary Art And Things, Small Format Art *SFA*, *IWAM Independent Writers Artists & Musicians, Art Squared art2, and AWLA - Artists Who Love Art

My sister, Christine Taylor, is a writer and artist who is selling her work on eBay. She also helped me with my web page design.

Please take a second to take a look at her sites. Thank you!

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CB's eBay Listings

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"For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations."

-- Psalm 100:5

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